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Shot Tracer App for iPhone review

If like us you like to watch golf, whether on TV, YouTube or elsewhere, you will be aware of the technology that tracks the shot of a golf ball with a tracer line.

We subscribe to many YouTube channels including Mark Crossfield, Peter Finch, Rick Sheils and all of them appear to be using the Shot Tracer App.

What is Shot Tracer App for iPhone?

The Shot Tracer App allows you to track the shot of a golf ball with a tracer line, giving you fantastic insight into your game.

Currently only fully released and supported on the Apple iTunes App platform, it can be purchased on the Google Play platform but comes with warnings it may be unstable.

Sussex Golf has had access to the App for a couple of months and put it through its paces at several courses around the region. Many thanks to the developers www.visual-vertigo.com for access.

We would advise anyone downloading the app to watch the “Tutorial Video” before taking it onto the course and also to put aside some time post round to edit and produce the content. You will not get a tracked shot from simply recording your shot; there is human interaction required before you get the finished article which perhaps isn’t highlighted enough in the App Store.

Record your golf swing shot and the app does the rest!

Hmm, it’s a little more involved than that! Initially, it takes a time to understand the steps you need to follow to produce a tracked shot. The speed of this process is only improved as you work with the app more, meaning future videos can be generated quicker the more experienced you become.

You will be required to mark the contact point and landing point of the ball for the app to work it’s algorithm to produce the traced shot.

Bursting with features

Since April 2017 the developers of the App have been extremely proactive in releasing new features which adds huge value to the $6.99 price tag. As many a two to three new features are being released each month and we would love to know what’s in the pipeline for future releases. We are trying to get out this week to produce some new content which includes all the features available.

Map tracer feature is currently the only new feature to have an additional monthly subscription cost at $0.99 per month, however, you can try before you buy with a 7-day free trial.

Plan your golf around testing this feature and make sure you have your device location settings enabled. We hope to test on a trip to the Belfry this summer.

Things to remember:

  • Video content MUST be at least 30 seconds long before you can produce a tracer video
  • Purchase a good iPhone tripod, a steady hand won’t be good enough


Have you downloaded the App? If so we would love to hear from you. What did you think of it?

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